Change lives today and make a difference in our community 

Cross Training

Team Building Principles: 

1. In all things do to the Glory of God

2. Understand what you have been given is a gift. Use it to change lives 

3. To lead you must first serve

4. Understand your influence 

5 Use your influence and gifts to impact those around you. 

Cross Training is committed to becoming a part of each high school team. One of the means in which we do this is our team building program. We take various teams from different schools: orchestra, band, soccer, football, baseball, golf, cheer, etc. We are able to create and environment that enriches each team spiritually, mentally, and physically for competition. They learn to rely on each other, to fight through adversity together, and to set a Christ like example for others. Youth teams in our school, are leaders and examples to hundreds of youth around our community. If we can impact our teams then we impact our leaders; and if we impact and equip leaders then they can impact thousands for Christ. 

Team Building