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Cross Training


  • Annual Turkey Trot Race 
  • Annual Kids Tri
  • Bodyshop Baseball 
  • Leadership and Discipleship Program 
Corey Warner 

Manager of Bodyshop Athletics and Co-Founder of Cross Training Ministries 

Our Ministries 

  • Friday Morning High School Prayer Breakfast 
  • Team building and outreach 
  • Youth workouts and child sponsorship programs 
  • Youth day at the max

Chris Wooten - Owner and founder of Bodyshop Athletics and Cross Training Ministries 

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Bodyshop Baseball Goes 4-0

This past weekend Bodsyhop Baseball went 4-0 with a combined victory score of 32-2. Great pitching performances from Ricky Williams, Peyton Dawkins, William Chastain, and Jake Wisneiwski allowed the team to dominate in every appearance. Congratulations boys and keep playing the game for more than just yourself. Glorify God on and off the field and change lives.  

Lives always need changing and we always need help changing lives. If you are interested in becoming part of our ministry we would love to have you. Contact us at

Cross Training ministries goal is to bring youth of our community to Christ and equip young leaders who can raise up our community and reach the world for Christ. 

Our prayer breakfast and youth outreach programs needs immediate support to provide food, activities, and equipment to our young leaders.  

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Cross Training has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the youth,athletes, and family. We believe life is not measured by how much you have but how many you reach. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of funds and time.